In today’s world, the way businesses are being done has shifted dramatically. Digital shopping has become the new normal, and the number of ecommerce stores is increasing exponentially.

You’ve poured your heart and effort into making a fantastic product that you’re confident will draw in customers as soon as it’s released. You consider opening a physical store, but you realise that your reach will be far wider if you go with an online store. While many businesses are shifting to online sales, how can you ensure that your online store stands out and meets your customers’ needs?


BigCommerce is a major ecommerce platform that offers everything a startup or established business needs to launch its online store. BigCommerce is one of the most powerful ecommerce platforms out there. It allows you to develop your business faster by accessing all of the features of commercial ecommerce without the complexity or cost.

BigCommerce provides you with a user-friendly design and a wealth of built-in functionality. Now you may think, why choose BigCommerce instead of one of the numerous other platforms available?


BigCommerce has an easy-to-use UI and the most intuitive dashboard to manage products, orders, and returns. BigCommerce provides comprehensive filtering options for your customers. 

You can quickly access and manage your products with features like the ‘Quick Search Bar.’ It improves the ecommerce experience by allowing your customers to access services or purchase products at any time. You’ll probably have a lot of fun building your website because it’s so simple and easy.


Keeping your ecommerce business afloat in an increasingly competitive market is no easy task. BigCommerce offers SEO-friendly features such as auto-optimised titles and URLs. The interface provides complete access to metadata, header tags, and titles.

Optimising your store to match the search engines’ constantly changing algorithms is critical in accelerating your ecommerce growth. One of BigCommerce’s best features is that it adheres to the most recent SEO guidelines. The platform also allows you to enter keyword-rich material in the SEO field manually.


Security is always a top priority for all ecommerce businesses. When it comes to security, it’s always better to choose a hosted platform than self-hosting. The reason is you’ll get higher quality and incorporated security measures.

BigCommerce offers ironclad security and Level 1 PCI compliance with any account on any plan. And if you need something more for your business, there is also an Enterprise level. This level includes protection from DDOS attacks on your system as well as multi-layered security.

The following are some of the security features you’ll get in BigCommerce:

  • File integrity scanners and perimeter
  • Server-specific firewalls intrusion detection software
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Cutting-edge DDOS mitigation


And now we’ve arrived at the most crucial part of any ecommerce platform: the payment gateway. BigCommerce is without a doubt the best solution for payment features because it allows you to accept almost any type of payment.

When customers visit your store, they have the option of paying with

  • PayPal,
  • Express Checkout,
  • Stripe,
  • Google Checkout,
  • or 2Checkout, among many other trusted payment gateways.

Customers have the flexibility of choice regarding payment methods when you use BigCommerce as your online store’s checkout app. BigCommerce supports up to 38 payment gateways.

These are just a few of the many reasons why you should choose BigCommerce for your ecommerce business in 2022.

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by Luigi