Which Ecommerce platform should you Use for your Wholesale Business ?

Earlier, Business to Business (B2B) businesses often relied on sales executives to build long-term relationships with potential customers. However, the ecommerce industry’s quick expansion has changed the game, bringing numerous benefits to B2B businesses who choose to sell online via an ecommerce platform.  As many B2B business migrate online, wholesale ecommerce is gaining popularity.

Lets start with the basics

What Is Wholesale Ecommerce? 

Wholesale ecommerce is a B2B (Business-to-business) model where a business sells products in units to other companies rather than selling individual products directly to the end-users.

In making this transition, many merchants want to know which platform is the best for wholesale commerce . BigCommerce is a trusted and excellent ecommerce platform for wholesale commerce.

Why Choose BigCommerce?

So, let’s talk about what makes BigCommerce such a dependable ecommerce platform for helping your wholesale company grow several times in the internet market.

1. Automated Selling Process 

BigCommerce helps you develop your ecommerce website in a matter of clicks and automates time-consuming tasks such as inventory management, billing, and checkout. That way, your employees can invest their efforts and time in other aspects of the business, like customer service or digital marketing.

2. Enhanced Online Presence 

Once your ecommerce store is up and running, BigCommerce allow you to market your business around the world via marketplaces, social media, and websites. That way, you can make it easier for customers to find your business online through different mediums.

Selling products online offers a great opportunity for companies to gain visibility among their potential customers and even get a chance to reach an untapped customer base without investing in physical stores.

3. In-Depth Insights And Data 

When working with an ecommerce platform like BigCommerce, you get access to data and insights regarding your customer base and their behaviour, such as:

  • Bounce back and retention rate
  • The number of new visitors clicking on your ecommerce UK website.
  • Conversion rate based on your total online sales.
  • Webpages and products are reviewed every day by your potential customers.

This data collection offers a great insight into the performance of your product mix, marketing campaigns, discounts and pricing, and other useful ecommerce insights . With combined feedback from customer services, sales executives, and BigCommerce you will be able to fully understand your customers needs.

4. Unmatched Customer-centric Service

BigCommerce ecommerce website design allows you to personalise the user experience. For instance, custom price lists and catalogs make it convenient for customers to explore the range of products without contacting partners UK.

You can even add the shipping charges, advanced quotes, and product recommendations. Ecommerce website development tools will help design and structure your online store to make it easier for customers to navigate throughout the website.


The wholesale industry is very competitive, thus merchants must provide more memorable online experiences to stand out. BigCommerce is a reliable platform to help you achieve your wholesale ecommerce business goals.

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by Luigi