We caught up with our partner ReferralCandy to learn more about their service and advice for merchants in 2023.


Tell us about ReferralCandy

ReferralCandy is a powerful tool allowing you to create and automate customer referral campaigns for any eCommerce store and grow sales through word-of-mouth marketing. We are based in Singapore but have team members from 11 countries.


What common ecommerce pain point do you solve?

Customer acquisition could be difficult and costly, especially with the rising cost of paid channels. But with a trusty recommendation from a friend, it becomes a lot easier for ecommerce business owners to acquire new customers through their existing customer base. Referral marketing allows them to leverage the biggest asset that probably every brand has – word of mouth. It is not only a more cost-effective customer acquisition channel but on top of that referred customers usually also have a bigger AOV compared to customers acquired through other channels. ReferralCandy helps eCommerce merchants reach new customers, grow their brand through word-of-mouth, and build customer loyalty through a refer-a-friend program. Merchants can use ReferralCandy to acquire new customers while retaining existing ones by rewarding customers when they refer new paying customers to the store.


Who could benefit most from your services?

Ecommerce merchants who want to grow their business through word of mouth. Merchants who want to expand their customer acquisition channels. Either as an additional channel to paid/organic or in place of the paid ads if they are too expensive and not effective. Merchants who want to reward their loyal customers/advocates. ReferralCandy is also a great option for businesses that cannot actively advertise online, e.g. alcohol or tobacco products


What types of clients do you focus on?

Small and medium size ecommerce businesses that take over 500 orders per month. Our tools wor best for merchants that have a ‘referrable’ product, maybe something trendy, unique, and problem-solving. The product can also fall under ‘interests and hobbies’ as those usually have a good ‘sharing’ factor.


What is your unfair advantage over similar solutions?

Merchants can use ReferralCandy for referral, affiliate and influencer marketing. Some of our competitors only focus on one out of three while we offer a solution that can be used in multiple ways.


What do you think sets BigCommerce apart as an ecommerce platform?

Something our clients particularly like about BigCommerce is their lack of transaction fees – something that affects their bottom line and is especially important these days when every dollar that goes through your checkout counts!


What are your ecommerce predictions for 2023?

Omnichannel is becoming a new norm. Selling and/or marketing through one channel is no longer enough for businesses to survive and thrive so stores and service providers will need to adapt.


What is one piece of advice you have for ecommerce merchants looking to grow their business in 2023?

Automation will be your best friend if you are looking to grow your business while saving your time and effort. If you are just starting out, you can look into automating review collection and email marketing. Once you have a large enough customer base, look into automation tools that will help you to strengthen loyalty and customer relationships.


Describe your company in three words or less.

We usually go with ‘Referral program that runs by itself but that’s more than words, so:


For more from ReferralCandy, check out the BIG, commerce podcast episode, when our host Luigi Moccia was joined by Jamilya from ReferralCandy to talk about loyalty programs, how to start a referral scheme, and why word of mouth is still so underused by merchants.  

If ReferralCandy sounds like the right solution for you, you can find out more on their website or get in touch with our expert team to talk about your business needs.

by Verena