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Instagram is becoming bigger, better, and bolder. Brands and creators are finding new ways to connect to their target audience, enhance consumer engagement, and drive growth. While users are constantly looking for inspiration to shop from. Social commerce, such as shoppable Instagram galleries, lets brands reach their audience in their preferred channel. The introduction of Instagram shops has made shopping easy for people through an immersive full-screen storefront. Brands are empowered to build and share their brand story and enhance product discovery – all in a native shopping experience. But, considering a massive surge in competition, ecommerce brands need something beyond just an ‘Instagram Shop’. Moreover, shoppers are omnipresent, with a relatively low attention span, and a grave appetite for authentic visual content.

A Shoppable Instagram gallery within a BigCommerce online store can help in standing out and escalating sales. Find out more about this strategy in this blog.

Integrating Shoppable Instagram Galleries into Your BigCommerce Store – An Overview

Irrespective of your target audience and demographics, Instagram is the platform that can help you multiply sales. According to stats, 92% of people act immediately on coming across content generated on Instagram, indicating its influence. But, for ecommerce stores aiming to cut an edge, leveraging this content beyond the platform is crucial. Making content shoppable and adding it to the buyers’ shopping experiences is a strategic way to build trust, entertain, engage, and convert. Integrating Instagram’s content into shoppable pages simply means adding the gallery in any location such as the product, category, review or checkout pages of your BigCommerce store.

How Can You Create & Add Instagram Gallery Into Your Online Store?

Turning Instagram content shoppable and bringing it to your BigCommerce store is easy. All you need to do is leverage a social commerce tool that supports BigCommerce integration.

Shoppers and fans share visuals featuring your brand’s products via hashtags, handles, tags, etc. For ecommerce brands, this content is a goldmine. As it helps in driving revenue, product discovery, and expanding reach. BigCommerce brand marketers can collect the plethora of content generated on Instagram mentioning them and curate it into a customised feed, which is in line with their brand’s voice.   images from an instagram feed of women modelling fashionable outfits wtih five star reviews and feedback shown beneath each

Taggshop can help you achieve all this and more seamlessly!

Taggshop is a smart social commerce solutions platform that allows online stores to bring all their social and visual content to one place, make it shoppable, and integrate it seamlessly across the storefront.

The content being authentic creates social proof and inspires users to learn more about the brand, ultimately leading them to purchase. Online stores can create and add shoppable Instagram feed following a no-code method. Here’s how:
  1. Install the Taggshop app on your BigCommerce Store.
  2. After signing in, create a shoppable gallery with your source platform set to Instagram.
  3. Select your feed type eg – hashtag, handle, mention, etc.
  4. Complete authorisation, moderate the content and customize your feed as required.
  5. Post this, start tagging products and once you’ve made the gallery shoppable – copy the embed code and paste it anywhere in your ecommerce store.
Research shows, 76% of consumers enjoy making unexpected discoveries, which further opens a door of opportunities to cash in.

Benefits of Adding Shoppable Instagram Gallery on BigCommerce Through Taggshop

Explore a few benefits that you can leverage from embedding a shoppable Instagram gallery on your BigCommerce website.

1. Build Trust & Social Proof

As an ecommerce brand, it is essential to build trust and authenticity, and to drive social proof among consumers. Social proof and trust help consumers to make favourable purchase decisions. You can showcase real and inspiring user-generated content from Instagram as a part of the shoppable Instagram gallery on your BigCommerce website. This will help build trust, showcase reliability, and inspire users to buy products.

2. Engage More, Inspire More

Visual marketing strategy is of great importance to any ecommerce store. For example, Instagram has one of the highest engagement rates among social platforms – and the visual content is a major reason for it. Bringing these visual posts to your BigCommerce website as a shoppable gallery will help attract users’ attention and engage them with your products in the gallery. Images and videos will also help inspire users to shop the look, view product aesthetics, etc.

3. Turn Content Into Conversions

Having a good ecommerce conversion rate is always a challenge. Ecommerce marketing strategies require huge investments and efforts. But a shoppable Instagram feed on BigCommerce can turn content into conversions with minimum investments. You are already sharing content on Instagram, and so are your #users. So, by making Instagram content shoppable, you can drive inspiration and conversions with the content without investing huge monetary resources. Shoppable galleries complete the buyer journey successfully with inspiration, awareness, engagement, and conversions.


Shoppable Instagram Galleries are a growing strategy among ecommerce brands across different CMS.

With this guide, brands using BigCommerce can leverage the shoppable Instagram feed on their website to drive trust, sales, and engagement. So, get in touch today and add a shoppable Instagram feed on BigCommerce with Calashock.

by Verena