We caught up with our partner Dotdigital to learn more about their service and advice for merchants in 2023.

Tell us about Dotdigital

Dotdigital is a customer engagement platform that helps digital marketers and developers deliver communications across the customer journey. We harness the power of customer data, powering engagement, conversion, and loyalty for brands as they grow and scale.

Customers love our easy-to-use platform that connects first-party data across the systems, surfacing powerful insights and automating predictive cross-channel messages.

What common ecommerce pain point do you solve?

Dotdigital allows you to communicate with customers in a way that feels personal, but on a mass scale – better still, it can all be automated. This means better results and frees up time, which is crucial to a busy marketer. Automation programs can be set up to ‘catch’ customers who are at risk of falling out of the funnel.

Similar to a shop assistant, an email campaign can welcome shoppers to the brand and re-engage customers who have dropped off. Automation programs provide answers to likely questions or reservations and highlight the brand’s USPs and values. Plus, automation works to nurture customers long after the purchase has gone through, creating a lifelong customer.

Dotdigital also allows ecommerce brands to see a whole host of data in one place. Single customer view (SCV) gives you the full picture of a customer journey, and see the impact your marketing is having. You can also create a new marketing persona, or lookalike segment based on a specific customer profile – meaning you can easily expand on winning learnings or campaigns. All of this, plus AI technology helps uncover and suggest future revenue opportunities.

Who could benefit most from your services?

Anyone who has a customer will benefit from Dotdigital. Those who will benefit the most are the businesses that are beginning to outgrow the more basic email marketing platforms. Brands who want to automate their customer engagement, drive cross-channel engagement, and see incredible reporting and insights will benefit from Dotdigital.

What types of clients do you focus on?

Effective communication with prospects and customers is key no matter what industry you’re in. Dotdigital works with everyone, whether a brand is a not-for-profit, financial institution, ecommerce giant, or anything in between. We have Customer Success Managers with specialities in all sorts of industries so that customers will get the best support, tailored to their needs.

What is your unfair advantage over similar solutions?

Our team of developers are truly unmatched. We are continually evolving and striving to make the platform even better, which leads to a truly unbeaten product.

What do you think sets BigCommerce apart as an ecommerce platform?

Dotdigital is an elite partner of BigCommerce. BigCommerce works to maximize results by combining data with easy-to-use, logical software. Similar to Dotdigial, BigCommerce works by automating what can be streamlined, giving you more time to focus on revenue opportunities.

What are your ecommerce predictions for 2023?

Considered spending and empathetic marketing. It’s heavily predicted that 2023 will see an economic downturn. When people have less disposable income, they are more considered about where they spend it. Be sure to shout out any sustainable initiatives, charity partnerships, and other brand values as empathetic marketing continues to reign.

What is one piece of advice you have for ecommerce merchants looking to grow their business in 2023?

Look after the customers you have. Retention is so important, especially in times of economic downturn. Use personalization tactics to connect with customers, and employ loyalty strategies to make your customers feel valued and appreciated.

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Does Dotdigital sound like the right solution for you? Find out more on their website or get in touch with our expert team to talk about your business needs.

by Verena