We caught up with our partner Styla to learn more about their service and advice for merchants in 2023.

Tell us about Styla

Our mission is to democratize headless i.e. to bring the enterprise-level headless approach and its benefits to every ecommerce merchant in the world. For this, we developed the freemium app Styla Frontend. Styla is a headless PWA storefront for BigCommerce shops and drastically improves a shop’s infrastructure with corresponding results in ecommerce performance metrics. With its easy-to-use interface and “drag and drop” functionality, merchants can create blazing-fast, conversion-optimized shops within minutes.

Fun Fact: For our employees’ birthdays and as part of our commitment to the environment, we make donations in their name to sponsor 2 turtle eggs from the organisation Oceanmata.

What common ecommerce pain point do you solve?

Conversion rate. Search engine rankings. Mobile optimization, IT-dependancy… These are some of the most critical tasks ecommerce managers are confronted with. We want to make their work easier by upgrading their infrastructure to a cutting edge headless PWA setup: mobile optimized, blazing fast and very easy to manage – at an affordable and risk-free price. We remove the fuss and hassle of the headless technology principle and make it dramatically easier to set up, maintain and expand. Thus, merchants benefit from:

    • the globally fastest infrastructure for ecommerce to create the fastest possible version of their store
    • corresponding drastic improvements of all ecommerce metrics and KPIs e.g. boost in SEO and usability, lower bounce rates and higher conversion rates
    • the cutting edge of mobile readiness – much better than a native app – the easiest way to style, manage and edit the merchants’ store and content – no need for developers or technical expertise

Who could benefit most from your services?

BigCommerce merchants of any size qualify for Styla Frontend. The app can be downloaded straight from the BigCommerce app store and can be set up either alone or by the help of the Styla team in combination with partnering agencies. The Styla pricing makes Styla Frontend affordable for any size of business as it is tied to the underlying revenue made via the frontend. So even without any revenue at all can businesses start going headless with Styla Frontend.

What types of clients do you focus on?

Our sweet spot is the mid-market of merchants who know, from their own experience, how important speed and conversion metrics are but for whom existing solutions on the market are far out of reach due to their complexity and pricing scheme. Styla is the only player that allows anyone to go headless and enjoy the benefits of a PWA. However, in the end, it is the motivation to succeed in a strong competitive environment with a unique tech stack, that makes clients benefit most from going headless with Styla.

What is your unfair advantage over similar solutions?

We provide our clients with the fastest frontend technology in the world while being much more affordable than other headless frontend solutions. Styla brings the benefits of heavy custom-built headless enterprise technology to every business at an affordable price and without hassle. Self-serve, no-code and freemium.

What do you think sets BigCommerce apart as an ecommerce platform?

BigCommerce has a dedicated headless strategy and the platform is open to integrate nearly any application that a merchant requires for near limitless customizability. BigCommerce gives merchants the choice of whether or not to take a headless commerce approach.

Over 90% of the platform is exposed to APIs; merchants can take a best-of-breed approach to their own vendor selection. At the same time, BigCommerce has a range of unique mid-market and B2B functionalities at play, which massively supports medium to enterprise clients in their endeavor to make it big.

What are your ecommerce predictions for 2023?

    1. Dominance of Mobile shopping/Mcommerce
    2. Increase the importance of omnichannel capabilities
    3. Focus on sustainability
    4. Higher use of Social media commerce
    5. Adoption of Machine learning in customer experience
    6. Increases overall market share of ecommerce platforms

What is one piece of advice you have for ecommerce merchants looking to grow their business in 2023?

Consider going headless to save costs and hassle while optimizing your ecommerce performance metrics.

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For more from Styla, check out the BIG, commerce podcast episode, when our host Luigi Moccia was joined by with Philipp Rogge, Founder and CEO or Style, to talk all about PWA and why it’s the future of ecommerce.

If Styla sounds like the right solution for you, you can find out more on their website or get in touch with our expert team to talk about your business needs.

by Verena