We caught up with our partner Attraqt to learn more about their service and advice for merchants in 2023.

Tell us about Attraqt

Attraqt is a European leader in product discovery that enables eCommerce retailers to grow their online revenue by creating seamless, intuitive, and relevant shopping experiences that convert into sales with search, merchandising, and recommendation solutions powered by AI and creative merchandising control. Trusted by mid-market and enterprise organisations worldwide, Attraqt offers 20+ years of eCommerce expertise with an extensive library of use cases.

Fun fact: The biblical element. Our first CEO was very religious and since then we have had CEOs called Mark, Luke, & Jonah. All biblical characters. And even our CTOs have been called Peter & Paul.


What common eCommerce pain point do you solve?

Attraqt solutions are designed to help retailers to optimise their search, increase product findability, and create seamless and personalised shopping experiences at scale. As a result, they have a higher conversion rate, increased AVO and repeat customers.


Who could benefit most from your services?

Enterprises and mid-market companies with an online store. Our solutions are flexible to support from simple to the most complex use cases. It is easy to scale, API-first to support integration and has a composable architecture to avoid disruption.


What types of clients do you focus on?

Enterprises and mid-market companies with an online store. We are strong in the fashion industry, homeware, and grocery, but we support different verticals, including B2B and manufacturing.


What is your unfair advantage over similar solutions?

The ability to automate recommendations without losing the creative merchandising control, a wide range of AI algorithms, and our Algorithms Orchestrator that allows companies to bring their own algorithms and third parties and combine them with Attraqt’s algorithms to A/B test and optimise, maximising their ROI.


What do you think sets BigCommerce apart as an eCommerce platform?

What sets BigCommerce apart is its scalability, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises, and its multi-channel selling, which allows businesses to sell on multiple channels such as marketplaces, social media platforms, etc.


What are your eCommerce predictions for 2023?

We will see search personalisation happening, as well as automatic content generation such as products are automatically tagged, product descriptions generated and personalised to the user, and product pages contextualised to every channel (products presented differently on Instagram, on the website, and in-store). And ChatGPT is a good example of what we will be able to do in the coming years.

We will also see composable commerce become a reality and DXP, all experience management in one platform, taking the lead in driving customer experience to the next level.


What is one piece of advice you have for eCommerce merchants looking to grow their business in 2023?

The best advice is to start where the ROI will be the greatest. Personalisation takes time and effort, and by focusing on the most value-creating locations and strategies, you’ll prove the value of allocating time to it. In terms of ROI, you will always get faster results when you apply personalisation as close to the transaction as possible. Personalising the basket page or the order confirmation will give fast results. Then focus on the product page, then the product list page or search results. Keep generic pages like the homepage or landing pages for later, when you will have learned from the other pages.


Describe your company in three words or less


Our people and customers together, driving growth and powerful experiences.


If Attraqt sounds like the right solution for you, you can find out more in our partner directory or get in touch with our expert team to talk about your business needs.

by Verena