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Google Shopping’s AI-powered Virtual Try-on

Google Shopping introduces an AI-powered virtual try-on feature, allowing users to virtually try on cosmetics and eyewear products. This innovative technology enhances the online shopping experience by helping consumers visualise products before making a purchase, ultimately improving customer satisfaction and reducing return rates.

Find out more on  Google’s blog


BigCommerce x Buy with Prime

Buy with Prime and BigCommerce have partnered to empower ecommerce businesses, offering the Buy with Prime app for BigCommerce. The app enables merchants to attract Amazon shoppers, streamline operations, and optimise the shopper experience for growth in the ever-evolving ecommerce landscape.

Find out more on the Buy with Prime website


Patchworks’ Connector Builder

Patchworks has launched Connector Builder, a user-friendly tool that enables brands and agencies to create custom connectors for seamless ecommerce automation and streamlining. This innovative addition enhances system integration, even for non-listed systems, while providing excellent support and data security.

Find out more on the Patchworks website


Introducing the Mollie Terminal

Mollie is introducing the Mollie Terminal, a new product designed with a strong focus on customers. This smart and secure terminal simplifies in-person payments and seamlessly integrates them with online payments on a unified platform, fulfilling the critical need of businesses and providing a frictionless payment experience.

Find out more on the Mollie website


Vercel’s new AI Accelerator

Vercel has launched an AI Accelerator. A 6-week program designed to support and empower AI builders and early-stage startups. Participants receive access to extensive resources, mentoring, and significant credits from top AI platforms to develop and showcase their next-generation AI applications.

Find out more on the Vercel website

HubSpot’s AI content assistant

Content Assistant is an advanced tool that is now accessible to all e-commerce businesses in a public beta. Packed with powerful features, it revolutionises content creation and optimisation, enabling businesses to enhance their online presence, engage customers, and effortlessly elevate their SEO efforts.

Find out more on the HubSpot website


Enhanced Variants Search with Searchspring

Searchspring has introduced enhanced variants search for ecommerce merchants, providing a more streamlined and effective shopping experience. The new feature allows customers to quickly find specific product variations, such as color or size options, improving search accuracy and boosting conversion rates.

Find out more on the Searspring website


BigCommerce Named a Major Contender

BigCommerce has been recognized as a major contender in the 2023 Digital Commerce Platform Peak Matrix by Everest Group, highlighting its strong position in the ecommerce market. This recognition reaffirms BigCommerce’s ability to deliver robust and innovative solutions to businesses looking to thrive in the digital commerce space.

Find out more on the BigCommerce website

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