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July’s social media marketers’ rollercoaster. Join Threads? Don’t join Threads? What’s the Threads strategy? Is it the same as Instagram? The same as Twitter? The questions on everyones lips, and keyboards, in the first week of the month. 

Meta’s new Twitter (I mean X) rival got everyone excited when it launched on July 7 and gained 100 million users in under a week. In our recent webinar about Omni and Multichannel strategy with Skyvia and BigCommerce, Halie Adams, Senior Agency Enablement Manager at BigCommerce was asked her thoughts on Threads. Her advice was to be cautious, with a brand new platform there is higher uncertainty and higher risks, so maybe get onto the platform with a personal account and start interacting and engaging but be careful not to invest too much company time and money too quickly.

Turns out she was right to suggest caution. Less than a month later, Mark Zuckerberg has admitted that the platform has lost more than half its users. So is that it? Was Threads just a flash in the pan? With the whole Twitter/X rebrand going on, it sgtill feels like it’s too early to tell where the two rival text-based platforms are headed. We’d suggest the same as Halie, keep a presence on the platforms that are relevant to you but consider the risks with new or uncertain platforms when deciding where to focus your efforts in August. 


Gorgias introduces new WattsApp Templates

The message templates are pre-defined message formats that you can use to send notifications of customer care messages, even outside of the 24-hour conversation window. The templates can be personalised with WhatsApp Variable data. 

Image showing Gorgias' new WhatsApp Templates and how they can be personalised gorgias.com


It’s been a busy month at Klaviyo:

1) Automatically show discounts in product blocks

With one toggle, you can now show discounted product prices in the drag-and-drop product blocks in your Klaviyo emails. 

screenshot showing Klaviyo's new sale price toggle to update product prices in emails automatically

Read more at klaviyo.com 


2) Klaviyo-Ordergroove integration

Klaviyo’s new integration with Ordergroove allows merchants to increase customer loyalty and lifetime value by creating personalised subscription experiences. Combining Klaviyo’s customer data and communications capabilities with Ordergroove’s subscription service. 

Read more at klaviyo.com


3) Klaviyo x Klevu 

Combining Klaviyo’s peronalised customer journeys with Klevu’s AI-powered product recommendations will help businesses supercharge their customer experience with enhanced email and SMS campaigns.

Read more at klevu.com


Patchworks Process Flows

Patchworks has added new “Process Flows” to their new Connector Builder which was launched last month. It makes integrating ecommerce processes easier by using visual workflows, giving merchants full control and real-time tracking of their  data exchanges.

Read more at wearepatchworks.com


Builder.io Sidecar

Builder.io have introduced their new Mobile Sidecar which lets you keep the mobile experience top of mind with a side-by-side view of the desktop and mobile sites as you edit. 

Image showing Builder.io's new Mobile Sidecar which provides a side-by-side view of the desktop and mobile sites as you edit them.

Read more at builder.io


BigCommerce announced AI-powered commerce features

BigCommerce has announced it will be teaming up with Google Cloud to introduce new AI-powered features to its platform. The goal is to help enterprise merchants worldwide by enhancing efficiency, improving customer experiences, and boosting sales. 

The new features will include AI-generated product descriptions, personalized storefronts with tailored product recommendations, and AI-driven data analytics for better business insights. 

Read more at bigcommerce.com


BigCommerce Scores 24/24 Total Medals in 2023 Paradigm B2B Combine Midmarket and Enterprise Editions

BigCommerce achieved 24 out of 24 medals in both Midmarket and Enterprise Editions at the2023 Paradigm B2B Combines for Digital Commerce Solutions. The platform has now surpassed analyst evaluations for the fourth year in a row. BigCommerce increased its rankings in six categories, making it a preferred platform for B2B brands looking to grow and scale their business. 

Read more at bigcommerce.com


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