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Shipstation x Pulpo

ShipStation has partnered with PULPO to enhance shipping and warehouse operations for merchants in Europe and North America. The integration links ShipStation’s ecommerce shipping solution with PULPO’s cloud-based warehouse management system (WMS), enabling efficient order processing, inventory accuracy, and streamlined logistics. The collaboration aims to provide operational excellence for businesses, allowing them to scale and improve customer experiences through seamless integration of shipping and warehouse processes.

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Klaviyo announces new Customer Data Platform

Klaviyo has introduced a user-friendly Customer Data Platform (CDP) to simplify complex marketing tech stacks. The Klaviyo CDP unifies and stores customer data from various sources, making it accessible for manipulation and distribution, enabling streamlined operations and enhanced customer engagement. Traditional CDPs have often been difficult to use and lack actionability, requiring extensive technical expertise and resulting in scattered data. Klaviyo’s CDP addresses these issues, offering data transformation, intelligence analysis, and efficient integration to consolidate tools and improve targeting, accuracy, and overall business efficiency.

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Holiday popup templates by Justuno

Justuno, a platform for on-site promotions, introduces prebuilt holiday popup templates to assist retailers in preparing for the upcoming holiday season. The templates cover seasonal occasions including Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Small Business Saturday, Giving Tuesday, Winter Holidays, Green Monday, Free Shipping Day, Hanukkah, Boxing Day, Kwanzaa, and New Year’s. These customizable designs are aimed at simplifying holiday marketing and can be used to capture email opt-ins, offer discounts, and highlight exclusive deals, while emphasizing the importance of staying authentic and relevant to the brand identity.

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Nosto x Simon Data

Nosto and Simon Data have collaborated to enhance ecommerce personalization by combining Nosto’s Commerce Experience Platform (CXP) with Simon Data’s Customer Data Platform (CDP). This collaboration allows merchants to leverage comprehensive customer data for tailored shopping experiences. Nosto’s CXP uses AI-powered modules for personalized merchandising, while Simon Data’s CDP aggregates data from various sources to create unified customer profiles, enabling targeted marketing. Together, this integration empowers retailers to create hyper-personalized on-site experiences and drive ecommerce growth through improved customer engagement and conversions.

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BigCommerce recognised as a Challenger by Gartner

For the fourth consecutive year, BigCommerce has been recognized as a Challenger in the 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce report. The evaluation measures vendors based on their execution capabilities and vision in the digital commerce space, assisting businesses in selecting suitable ecommerce providers. This acknowledgement highlights BigCommerce’s commitment to innovative shopping experiences, its adaptable architecture, and its ability to serve both B2B and B2C businesses, positioning it as a disruptive player in the enterprise ecommerce arena.

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Algolia’s Forbes success

Algolia, a leader in AI Search & Discovery technology, has been ranked #46 on the Forbes 2023 Cloud 100 list for the second consecutive year. The recognition is attributed to Algolia’s launch of Algolia NeuralSearch™, a pioneering AI search engine combining vector-based natural language processing with keyword search, offered through a single API. The Forbes Cloud 100 list highlights the top 100 private cloud companies globally, acknowledging Algolia’s innovation, growth, and impact on Search and Discovery solutions for businesses, especially in retail.

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Bloomreach introduces in-app content blocks

Bloomreach has introduced a new feature, in-app content blocks, within its Bloomreach Engagement platform, enabling marketers to seamlessly incorporate personalized content into mobile apps without disrupting the user’s scrolling experience. This feature allows marketers to organically embed dynamic content, such as product recommendations and promotions, based on real-time customer insights and preferences. With the rise of mobile ecommerce, this addition facilitates a smoother and more tailored app experience, enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction while optimizing omnichannel strategies.

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Gorgias introduces new Agents Performance Report

An updated Agents Performance report has been introduced by Gorgias, allowing merchants to assess their customer support team’s productivity and efficiency. The report offers metrics such as first response time, resolution time, closed tickets, messages sent, and introduces a team average row for performance comparison. The Heatmap section aids in identifying successful agents and potential areas for improvement, while the report aims to enhance team visibility, motivation, and performance tracking through goal setting and recognition of top performers. The Overview report can aggregate data for up to 1 year.

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Patchworks x OpenAI

Patchworks has integrated OpenAI into its Connector Marketplace, allowing businesses to easily incorporate OpenAI into various aspects of their operations through the Patchworks iPaaS platform. This integration enables content generation, language translation, inventory management, and analysis using OpenAI. It assists retailers in creating product descriptions, content ideas, translations, and predicting market trends. Providing a comprehensive tool for automating and optimizing business processes while emphasizing the need for ongoing monitoring and alignment with the brand’s values and accuracy.

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Klarna x ChatGPT

Klarna is the sole bank among the early adopters of ChatGPT Enterprise. Having embraced AI technology since the launch of ChatGPT in 2022, Klarna has now provided its employees with enhanced security, faster speeds, and advanced data analysis capabilities through OpenAI’s API. Currently, around half of Klarna’s 5,000 employees actively use OpenAI’s technology for various purposes, from AI-driven shopping suggestions to customer service improvements, and the company aims to further expand its integration of AI to empower its workforce and enhance customer experiences.

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