We caught up with the team at our partner Avalara to learn more about their services and their advice to merchants in 2023.


Tell us about Avalara

Avalara specialises in simplifying and automating transactional tax compliance. Companies that sell cross border need to manage these taxes and that’s where we make our customers lives easier.

FUN FACT: Avalara was founded on Bainbridge Island, a very small island off the coast of Seattle, USA.


What common ecommerce pain point do you solve?

Transactional tax compliance when selling internationally.


Who could benefit most from your tools or services?

Any company that’s selling internationally, that is looking to spend less time on non-revenue generating areas of their business.


What is your unfair advantage over similar solutions?

Being initially built as a cloud-first solution combined with the in-house expertise and experience of our people.


What do you think sets BigCommerce apart as an ecommerce platform?

I think it’s well known for being flexible, yet robust and can serve a businesses of any size with what they need to grow.


What are your ecommerce predictions for BFCM and the holiday season 2023?

I’ll just say that brands should not just see this as a chance to sell more over the period, but also as a chance to win new long-term, repeat customers. Shoppers are more Savvy now and will not return if the buying experience is not a positive one.


What is one piece of advice you have for ecommerce merchants looking to grow their business?

Ensure you make the buying experience as easy as possible! There’s too much competition these days so you have to remove any friction in the buying process and I think the best way to do this is to work with the right type of agency, who can help you with this. Ensure the agency specialises in the areas that you need help with.


Describe your company in three words or less.

Committed, Ambitious, Curious

For more from Avalara, you can tune in to the BIG, commerce podcast episode featuring James Bright, Partnerships Manager at Avalara. For expert insights and tips into cross-border selling and international taxation in ecommerce. Or check out their website. 


If Avalara sounds like the right partner for you, or if you have other questions about how to sell internationally and improve your buying process to win more sales, get in touch with Calashock’s expert team to see how we can help you. We have great relationships with a wide ecosystem of ecommerce technology partners and can help ecommerce merchants connect with the right set of solutions for their business.

by Verena