Calashock has been developing on BigCommerce for years from our London office, and was one of the original European partners - we were working with them when it was called Interspire. So if you want the development of your BigCommerce store to be in the most experienced hands in the UK then Calashock is your first point of call.

Calashock are certified BigCommerce partners and preferred, and as well as this we are fully certified in BigCommerce’s Stencil framework that allows us to craft beautiful storefronts, and also certified in implementing BigCommerce + WordPress integrations for truly “headless” commerce from within your existing WordPress site.

Our knowledge of BigCommerce means that we are able to produce stores from the ground up, taking advantage of the industry leading out of the box features of BigCommerce, and implementing other technologies and integrations through our partnerships or our knowledge of the APIs. Everyone at Calashock knows this platform like the back of their hand, and this is why we are trusted by the biggest clients like Ford UK and other enterprise clients.

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BigCommerce is a sophisticated SaaS (software as a service) ecommerce platform for increasing your sales and turnover, streamlining your business, and expanding to new channels thanks to its impressive out of the box features and functionality.


BigCommerce is suitable for all size of businesses, whether you’re a startup looking to get your product offering online or an SME looking to venture into ecommerce or replatform from Magento, Shopify, Demandware, or others.

Larger clients may look towards hosted solutions such as Magento 2.x, SAP Commerce Cloud, or Oracle Commerce Cloud under the assumption that SaaS can’t handle such online stores but BigCommerce enterprise users often experience greater turnover and greater profits as a result of:

  • A percentage of sales model rather than a high subscription rates with excessive server costs inhibitive of growth.

  • Prioritised support and security to increase site reliability, rather than drain your resources.

  • Automated updates and new features without installation or integration fees or necessary patches and fixes.

  • Robust and open partner ecosystem utilising an expansive API catalog instead of a pay-to-play partner model.

  • Unmatched out of the box functionality without the need to purchase dozens of apps.

  • And much more.

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As well as the above BigCommerce now offers a WordPress plugin that allows you to build your business with WordPress on the front-end, and optimise server resources
by allowing BigCommerce to manage catalog management, processing payments, and managing fulfilment logistics via the backend.

Streamline your existing WordPress or WooCommerce website by using BigCommerce’s WordPress plugin instead.

What does BigCommerce do well?

BigCommerce offers ecommerce through SaaS, meaning that you can create a successful online business with industry leading uptimes, 24/7 support from BigCommerce, unmatched functionality without the need of countless apps, and security and updates managed without the need of a retainer or internal specialist.

BigCommerce also allows for setups and deployments at 50% of the time it would take to engineer an on-premise solution, and for up to 75% less cost than solutions like Magento.

Retailers on BigCommerce grow nearly twice as fast as the ecommerce industry average due to BigCommerce having the best selection of built-in conversion tools compared to other SaaS and on-premise solutions.

BigCommerce isn’t just an enterprise-level ecommerce platform, it’s a comprehensive system for connecting all your sales channels (online and offline) and managing them from a single, easy to use, robust and secure dashboard.

Why use BigCommerce?

As mentioned above have in excess of 8 years developing and creating stores on BigCommerce, developing on both the Blueprint and now the current Stencil framework.

The Calashock difference is the process in which we go about creating your ecommerce store, beginning from a consultation to ensure that we meet your needs and requirements in the design, to creating documents and videos to train your staff for years to come.

The difference? We are looking for long-term partners, and we want to be there to help you every step of the way.

How we help

Why not reach out to us to go through a guided demonstration with our specialists to set up your trial store to experiment with.

But if you’re in a rush why not visit BigCommerce directly and set up your store here.

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