What do BigCommerce’s new ISO certifications mean for you?

Exciting news for ecommerce agencies and merchants alike! Our platform partner, BigCommerce, has recently achieved two new certifications from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). These certifications not only enhance data privacy and business continuity for merchants but also offer new opportunities to agencies like Calashock Commerce. Get ready to discover the impact these certifications have on agencies, B2B and B2C merchants, and the ecommerce landscape as a whole.

ISO 27701: Ensuring Data Privacy and Compliance

BigCommerce’s attainment of the ISO 27701 certification is a game-changer for both agencies and merchants. It ansuring unparalleled data privacy and compliance. This certification aligns with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), safeguarding personally identifiable information (PII) and sensitive customer data.

As an ecommerce agency, we know the critical role data privacy plays in fostering customer trust. With ISO 27701, we can assure our BigCommerce merchants, whether B2B or B2C, that their customers’ information is protected. That the data is being used responsibly, and stored securely within the BigCommerce ecosystem. Compliance with global privacy standards allows businesses to confidently expand their reach, attract privacy-conscious customers, and build long-lasting relationships.

ISO 22301: Empowering Business Continuity and Resilience

The ISO 22301 certification obtained by BigCommerce demonstrates their unwavering commitment to business continuity management. This certification marks a proactive approach to minimizing disruptions and maintaining seamless operations. Even during unforeseen events.

In the ever-evolving ecommerce landscape, resilience is key. BigCommerce is dedicated to mitigating risks and implementing robust strategies. Assuring agencies and merchants that their online stores will remain fully functional, even during challenging times. This continuity empowers B2B businesses to deliver consistent services to their clients, while B2C merchants can provide exceptional customer experiences without interruption.

Validation by Independent Auditor: Coalfire

BigCommerce’s certifications were awarded after a rigorous audit conducted by Coalfire, a qualified independent audit firm. This external verification confirms that BigCommerce adheres to the stringent requirements specified by ISO 27701 and 22301. The audit involved a comprehensive evaluation of BigCommerce’s policies, procedures, and controls related to data privacy and business resilience. Successfully completing this examination showcases BigCommerce’s commitment to maintaining the highest industry standards. Instilling trust among its network of partners and merchants.

Enhanced Collaboration and Support for Agencies

As an ecommerce agency, specialising in BigCommerce, these certifications are a significant landmark. They open up new avenues for collaboration and partnership. The ISO certifications validate BigCommerce’s commitment to industry best practices. Providing agencies like Calashock Commerce with a solid foundation to build exceptional ecommerce experiences for our clients. 

With data privacy and business continuity at the core of BigCommerce’s platform, we can confidently innovate, implement customizations, and scale ecommerce solutions, knowing that they align with the highest industry standards. This strengthens our relationship with our merchants and fosters a collaborative environment where we can focus on unleashing our creativity and driving growth for our clients.

Benefits for B2B Merchants: Trust, Compliance, and Expansion

For B2B merchants, the ISO certifications unlock many advantages. Building trust with customers is paramount in B2B transactions, and compliance with ISO 27701 ensures that sensitive business information remains secure and protected. A store built on BigCommerce, demonstrates to B2B clients that the merchant is dedicated to data privacy.

B2B businesses can use this to bolster their reputation and attract discerning clients who prioritize security and compliance. Meanwhile, ISO 22301 certification guarantees uninterrupted services. Enabling B2B merchants to meet critical deadlines, maintain strong relationships with suppliers and customers, and expand their operations confidently.

Benefits for B2C Merchants: Customer Trust and Seamless Experiences

In B2C ecommerce, trust is the foundation for successful operations. By obtaining ISO certifications, BigCommerce empowers B2C merchants to instill confidence in their customers. Compliance with ISO 27701 ensures the responsible handling of customer data. This gives shoppers peace of mind and solidifies rand loyalty.

ISO 22301 certification allows B2C merchants to weather unexpected disruptions seamlessly. Ensuring uninterrupted access to products and services. This reliability translates into exceptional customer experiences, driving repeat business.

Pioneering Ecommerce Standards and Practices

BigCommerce’s pursuit of ISO certifications sets a precedent in the ecommerce industry. By investing in certifications that validate their information security, data privacy, and business resilience practices, BigCommerce demonstrates its commitment to providing merchants with a platform that surpasses industry standards. Merchants can confidently rely on BigCommerce’s certified platform, knowing that their data is secure, their businesses are resilient, and they have a trusted partner on their ecommerce journey.


The acquisition of ISO 27701 and 22301 certifications by BigCommerce marks a transformative moment for agencies and ecommerce merchants alike. Agencies like Calashock Commerce can collaborate with BigCommerce to create innovative ecommerce solutions that prioritize data privacy and ensure business continuity. B2B and B2C merchants benefit from heightened trust, compliance with global standards, and uninterrupted operations, leading to enhanced customer experiences and business growth.

As the ecommerce landscape evolves, BigCommerce’s certified platform empowers agencies and merchants to thrive in an ever-competitive environment, setting new benchmarks for industry standards, and fueling the success of ecommerce businesses worldwide.

by Verena