Linnworks is an all-in-one stock and order automation platform, used by leading brand such as Ford.

The automation makes listing, managing and picking stock efficient and error-free, and centralises your e-commerce and offline orders in one simple dashboard.

what it does well

There are many inventory and order management systems in the market, but Linnworks’ powerful back-end, coupled with its ability to be customised, gives merchants more information and real-time data to better run their business and plan ahead.

Linnworks helps merchants eliminate over-selling on various platforms by automatically synchronising stock levels across all stores and marketplaces, create listings on platforms such as Amazon, and reduce picking errors by allowing merchants to connect a barcode scanner to ensure the right products are picked, packed and shipped.

Why use it

We have heard many merchants tell us the same story - managing stock on various platforms by changing quantities and levels manually.

With an inventory and order management platform such as Linnworks, those stories are a thing of the past.

In addition to the multi-channel stock management, it’s also useful when kitting products together, also known as product bundling.

how We help

As Linnworks partners, we not only know the Linnworks platform inside out but have undertaken training by Linnworks to ensure we offer our mutual clients the best solution and integration.

Getting merchants set up and integrated is one element of our service as a Linnworks partner, as we also offer ongoing support, training, and on-going work.

Sign-up directly at Linnworks or contact us for a free demo.