what is mailchimp?

Mailchimp started as an email marketing software, but has evolved to become the go to marketing automation platform for small to medium sized businesses.

what it does well

Mailchimp is for pretty much everyone - regardless of technical knowledge, budget, list size or send frequency. Yes, larger clients may want something with that something more, but Mailchimp’s platform is feature rich, easy to use, relevant to today’s direct marketing and paid advertising requirements.

6 billion emails sent a week by millions of customers in 175 customers around the world

Mailchimp’s social media advertising campaign manager uses data to make targeting the rich people easy and effective, with measurable reporting.

Easy to use, professional and full of personal insights.

why use it

If you are looking for an easy to use, intuitive and reliable email marketing platform with excellent reporting, Mailchimp is for you.

For businesses looking to advertise on social media from a data-driven platform, with a simple yet powerful built-in designer, Mailchimp is for you.

how we help

We’ve been using Mailchimp - and referring customers to it - for over 7 years, and since then have learnt what works, what doesn’t, and capitalise on psychology to increase the ROI on marketing budgets spent on direct marketing and paid advertising in social media.

Our management service includes strategy, creative and execution.

learn more

As Mailchimp Experts we have helped clients optimise their email marketing campaigns and social media ad campaigns. Contact us to speak with our team and find out how Calashock can assist you in growing, nurturing and increasing the interaction with leads and customers.

If, however, you prefer to start using Mailchimp straight away, visit to sign-up. You know where we are if you need help :o)