WHAT is paypal?

PayPal is the world’s leading service for accepting payments without having to enter financial details every time - over 173 million people in 202 countries use PayPal to shop online and in store, in 21 different currencies.

what it does well

PayPal is about ease of use and security.

Customers don’t need to enter in their credit and debit card, or bank details, each time they want to buy something online - they simply log in with their PayPal username and password, and the transaction is seamlessly completed. 

Why use it

Apart from security and convenience, PayPal allows merchants to accept payments using major credit and debit cards, and receive money quicker.

PayPal also allows merchants to accept payments in store.

how We help

As PayPal Partners with direct relationships to people within the organisation, we help clients get set up quickly and easily, recommending the best PayPal product for them, and then integrating the solution into BigCommerce.

Contact us so we can set up a no-obligation discovery meeting with PayPal.